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Nippon Knights - lyrics

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Far in the land of the rising Sun
Near the edge of a world
You find an island
It is called Japan
An island full of mystery
Tradition and technology
Once ruled by emperors
Ancient spirits, Shinobi
Sailing across the seven seas
To uncover a history
Of warriors that fighting
For freedom, wealth, and harmony
Hear the calling it's time
All the soldiers unite
Leave your broken tears behind
Raise our sword to the burning sky
Nippon Knights! Live for power and glory
Nippon Knights! Die with honor and steel
Nippon Knights! Ancient code of Shinobi
Brave noble man, made in Japan
The land has changed
City has grown
Big trouble in the streets of Tokyo
Enter a battle warrior
Find yourself in the future zone
Heroes of game industry
Have born a new century
Digital Warriors
Fight a new reality
My Honda is hot, your car is not!
My Nissan the best of them all
My Civic is here, The Eclipse is near
My Skyline will never fall

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