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Shinobi Strike 3000 - lyrics

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Thousands of year ago in the ancient realm of Japan people lived peacefuly in grace and harmony in the land of rising Sun.
The eastern society was protected by brave warriors of ninjas and samurai, who lived and died by the sword, always in quest for honor and glory.
But there were not just noble men of peace upon the nights.
One evil ninja clan, called the Sunbladers, joined forces with the dragon god Ling Long to enslave the world!
But in the very last moment, when the Sunbladers were about to attack with the power of the dragon god, some super-duper-sensei-Wu-Shu-wizard-master appeared, stopped the ninjas, cursed and banned them from Earth forever... what an asshole-wizard!
One thought the danger was banned.
And in fact, mankind lived on for many centuries in peace, not knowing the ninjas survived. In space!
For the past ages they hid in their secret headquarter on the dark side of the Sun regaining their power!
Fueled by hatred, stronger and more evil than ever before, with improved weapons and ninja-skills, they joined forces with the dragon god again!
The Sunbladers are back!
Sworn to attack they will enslave mankind again
Well, at least they will try!
Now planet Earth faces the greatest danger idea!
But damn, mankind is fucked now! So be aware, the Space Ninjas from Hell

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Space Ninjas From Hell

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