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Tale of the Sunbladers - lyrics

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Hear – hear the call
My call – from far beyond
From far – the dark side
Beyond the dark side of the Sun
Reunite my fallen sons
Join the force and stand as one
No surrender, no remorse
We will take the world by storm
For so long they've fueled the pain
From our hell we will rise
The time has come to fight
By fire! By fury!
We raise our swords for victory
Reach out for immortality
With thunder and lightning
And laser rifels shooting
We're off to planet Earth again
Time has come as we reach for the Sun
Ninjas in starlight united
Firestorm we're in twilight reborn
Back from the realm of the Sun
We're unbound, we're unchained
Your world will never be the same
Stronger, faster than before
Are you prepared for war?
Raise our banners to the sky
By the Sun we're sworn to fight
Shadows raise a thunderstorm
Now a new tale is born

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