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Wasabi Warmachine - lyrics

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The legend tells about a beast
A man who is turning into green
Every time the spice he eats
Will wake inside the war machine
Out of control
Damned to suffer from eternal hunger
Cursed to walk alone
Create to destroy the world you know
Save your soul
Soldier with raging power
Evil takes it's toll
Touched by hands of the devil
See what he has become
Transforming and evolving
A maniac on the run
Vengeance will be done
Hail! To the war machine
Hot and spicy and so green
(Hail) To the war machine!
We hail the war machine!
(Hail) To the neon green
Mighty warrior supreme
(Hail) To the war machine!
Wasabi war machine!
Wild and satisfied
He cannot stop craving on it
Hunter of the night
He is not human anymore
Crawl out of the light
The neon fury is unleashed
Hatred rising high
Evil send a cures upon him

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