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A Dialouge with the Stars - lyrics

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Ardent starshine upon my face,
the monumental nightsky reveal its torches.
Unaltered for aeons, yet zestful they''re flaming
like ornamental diamonds.
In my telescopes focus, a striding light
conjure me fixedly.
Oh, what a colourful drama,
what a theatrical performance.
These myriads of stars
enchants me with their oddity.
At cosmos entrance hall,
where time and space units in a charade.
Under crimson flares I watch
The tempest of the universe.
In dark artistry,
I lionize the splendorous glare.
An unearthly voice of euphony
express itself in an ancient tongue.
Its elocution is based on silence,
so it pulsates through the five senses.
It's like a poem of wisdom and wizardry
navigating through the world.
A legacy from nebulas,
an endless mystic conversation.
Now clouds gather at a distant skyline to cover the firmament.
Rays are fading in a metamorphosis of the blazing weave above.
26 years have past since it first called my name.
And when I'm dead, this piece of jewellery will still remain.

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