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Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation - lyrics

Plasma flows cease to control the bleeding
Its deficient fatal, the contingency which obviates median
Coagulation - defusing sepsis from pathogenic regnant bacterium
Rampant manifestation
Clotting cascade defecting congesting within the spleen
Blood percolates from every orifice
Massive internal hemorrhage
In the pleural cavities serous fluid ensues
Variegated organ failure - full embodiment collapse
Intravenous bacterial breeding, endogenous vasoconstriction
Bleeding out the life - blood pouring out the mouth and eyes
Bleed out the life - asonal respirations left
Bleeding out the life - blood pouring out the mouth and eyes
Bleed out the life, impend the end
Contusions all encompass, the site of detriment
Writhing in agony - convalescence falters
Lesions stem within the internal organs
Mucosal lining begins to swell
Excessive propagating thrombin
Consequently by solidified effluence
A preeminent mutation of disgrace
Intergraded infirmity boundless
Consummate dissolution a fore
Mass hemorrhage relentless
Intrinsic malfunction
Abhorrence terminal prognosis
Permeate, transfuse, intrinsic bleeding continues
The skin moist and pallid, enervation precedes suddenly
Forlorn, in ruin, visceral caustics germinate
Crimson spews from the site of perforation
Weary within the desolation
Blood cells weaken then succumb
Catastrophic end is destined
Bodily fluids dissipate
Abhorrence, terminal prognosis
Algid, lifeless the body bleak and flaccid

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