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God of Anger, God of Hate
Burn alive her Fate
Blast aside the Abyss let the Dead be raised
I can hear their Crying in the Wind
I call to Honor their pain
Hatred rise on you fly into the Mist of Voices
Attack now in Fury
Absolution Shines
The End of the World awaits, for all your bitter kind
Lies conceal you Howling in the Wind
I Burn your Altars Black ground
High you fly soon you'll die upon your Mystic Island
Rise above Fortune's might with all your tragic flaws
CHILDSLAYER, CHILDSLAYER... Fall to your knees in the sight of the Goddess
Rise out in Fury I denounce your flight
Fearing your Gods New Age
Scorching the Funeral Faith
I can feel you prowling in the Wind beneath the Sun
Your eyes are burned Clouds
High you fly, piercing eye into the Mystic Voices
Craven lies, Raven guise, into the Massive Vault
CHILDSLAYER, CHILDSLAYER... Fierce is my Heart, Fierce is my Hate, Fierce is my Love!!!
I bear the Scars of Love & War, I'm the brazen Sword that splits the Skull again
'Til the Sunlight of Union descends and bathes your denial bare
When the Night rises Black underneath her Skies I run
Seeking our Murder's Tribe
But you won't know where I am...
Rising up through Sullen Lights, underneath her skies I run...
To summon all Truth is stained
Here you'll see the Jackals run down
We live and lie oh, we fight and die oh
But we never understand...
And will I rise, will I rise... underneather her Shrouds I fall
Nothing's gained in this world apart...
YEAH! Enter the Dragon!
Fierce is my Heart, Fierce is my Love... my Love...
Drink the Nectar from Meletine's Breasts and give me back my Child!
Plague of God Heaven's Rod will fall upon your Breast!!!

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