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Meet me in the darkness
Upon the edge of town
I'll be waiting there in silence
Let your long hair flow on down
lt doesn't matter whac went wrong
It doesn't matter anymore
Just hold me in your love child
We'll open up the door
I've waited a lifetime (babe)
For the answer
(A love without war)
Wild Fire, woman of mine
With your head in the clouds
And your heart on the line
Wild Fire, she's a woman in love
With a passion that burns
like a (river of love)
Don't tell me that tomorrow
Won't right you on your way
Above the realm of sorrow
A new dawn breaks today
I stiil want you by my side
Wanna have you near
Just hold me in your love child
There won't be any fear
(To ride with the wind)
(heaven above)
... Oh, my babe...
Meet me in the darkness
On the edge of town.

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Life Among the Ruins

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