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Still Fighting For A Future - lyrics

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In the early 70's the bands were f**king lame
The music had no message and the bands were f**king tame
The kids they had no future unemployment on the rise
No one listen to the kids or the people's cries
Then out of the garbage a new voice was heard
There was a cry out for punk and now the kids were heard
They took it to the street and then it hit the wall
Punk was now a driving force the chaos f**king stirred
Still fighting, Still fighting.. for a future
Then out of the 80's a new breed emerged
Pissed off, angry, f**king kids the voice was f**king heard
Voice of a generation they speak to us today
Inspiring us to stand strong and have our f**king say
Inspired by the elders they took punk to new levels
Pissed off, angry, loud and fast, they smashed the f**king levels
The press said punk was dead so they took it to the streets
This was 1982, the kids out on the streets
Still fighting, Still fighting.. for a future
The music saved our lives and forced us into battle
A battle we can't win a never ending struggle
Punk opened up our eyes to so many f**ked up things
But we can never be at peace we're constantly at war
A war against the system, a war for what is right
We'll play our music, have our say, we're gonna f**king fight
We'll carry on the banner for what punk should be and was
Even if we're the f**king last we won't give up our cause
Still fighting, Still fighting.. for a future

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