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Strong like the Fire - lyrics

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All my life ran away from my wasted days
Cutting my heart and my soul
Now I lost the control, the power is surge
See the man lie to live
World of fantasy, kill his mother
His brothers, under the spell
A foot in hell
Now I can believe
I´m not part in this degree
The fate of my blood
Keeps me waiting to go
To be strong like the fire
To be strong
Is the scream of TV, kingdom of sins
Break the brain of the man
Box of stupid games
So living in vain
Tyrant says now is the day
Pray to the gods of hate
Hands in blood, no return
Are the pervert son, split all the young
Blind men, who believe
You dig a grave at your feet
We made a new start
Rising from the dark
To be strong like the fire
To be strong (I tell to the world)

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