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Achilles' War Dance - lyrics

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Ages behind
The siege the end it cannot find
What comes instead
The all of a close friend
Mother dare fly
The gods she reaches to the skies
Their golden touch to claim
An armor to be made
Forth I step on
To fellow warlords speak the oath
Welcome again
To march and ride with them
Respect though I pay
Towards you my enemy I hail
My grief shall end
Until your blood is shed
Now words fade
Ritual starts for battle
War dance steps
Income my thirst to kill
Bow down now
Mercyless stands my figure
Unleash fierce now
Command divine by steel
My eyes seek you
Your end is what I thrive for
Where are you
Screaming your name Hector
My stare finds you
Death waves the axe to face you
Where are you
His order I'll keep and kill
Gods on my shield
On wings of glory I appear
One by one
The Trojans meet their death
The sight is clear
Your figure in the distance now appears
Embrace your death
M hand will seal your end

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