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War of Titans - lyrics

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The sun shines the cave
Where she has to hide
One is to be born
Though his father wild hate
The stars raise their light
Fighters take their side
Sacred is the child
So much blood will fall
Warriors' dance now shakes the ground
They hit their shields making roar so loud
Louder than a million thunderstrikes
The new king's crying not to rear Cronus land
It was foretold fate calls loud his name
And raised his powers for the battle to reign
Thunderbolt is the weapon he is gifted
Hundrendhands and Cyclops take his side with rage
Behold the great battle
War to end all wars
The new god stands
Against his father and Titans
Transcendent powers of the universe
Invoke the new king
Standing on the highest mountain
He reigns
On the mountain of gods - immortality waits

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