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Wrath for the Ages - lyrics

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Wrath for the ages
Like thunder I hold in hand
Warrior against the four winds fierce
Living each day as last
Electric axes shaking the earth
And drums of doom fill the sky
A force of thunder comes from our hands
We hold it proud it's our ancestors' sign
Wrath of the ages
A secret - secret revealed
Proud like the top of a mountain
As eagle against the wind
Immortal the heroes
Trough dust flames and stones
Like ages they're marching
On and on
The four winds are blowing
Their names through the time
For all those that died free
Are glorified
Wrath for the ages
I won't see their light
Swear now until my last breath
Never give up the fight
With thunder inside me
For freedom I breath
Recall now Prometheus
The fire burns again
Achilles' war dance
And Titans' war
For freedom once he run the Marathon
You sing now the ages wrath

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Wrath for the Ages

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