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Too busy rushing through a go-no-where career?!
You think you're free!
One man's success
Is another man's struggle
And another man's war
Streaming to the hive
Is your everyday routine
This is your daily routine
This is you in the stream
Do you really think you're free?
This is the small life you live
It's the small world you know
The small benefit you make
Money made is money gone is money never had
You still think you're free?!
One man's career
Is another man's tantrum
And another man's death wish
You couldn't figure out life if you had a map
You still think you're free
This is the small life you live
It is the small world you know
You just can't see the bars
In the prison you live in
Do as they tell you
Forethought is damned to fail
You couldn't figure out life...

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