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Wake Up... Destroy - lyrics

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Bodies lying in the streets
And they're trampling over me
State of emergency
The city's gone insane
Mass hysteria, riots
To rise against injustice
There stands the monument
It will come crashing down
Now there is no law
Wake up... destroy
Loot and pillage
Taking what you please
Commencing of sacreligion
Denying those in need
Chaos takes command
Hands clench into fists
Wake up... destroy
Martial law, advancing shield wall
Keeping order with an armored fist
This uprising must be contained
They will be neutralized... by force
Now protestors fight the law
A battle in the streets
Lashing out with tooth and claw
Incendiary bombs
Containment has failed
They march on city hall
The wild, swirling masses
Are breaking down the law
No one truly wins
Reign of terror begins
Wake up... destroy

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