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A Stronger Poison - lyrics

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See my life, pass by, dear God
Don’t leave me in pain
Dereliction and apathy on this
A day of reckoning ease my soul
Peace falls upon my inner sanity
Poison lies bought and sold.
You’re breaking me down on holy ground
These tired eyes keep watching the sand fall through
Taken by force my bitter choice
Take this stronger poison kill the stronger man in me
I break the silence break the world in two
The halves they fall
Eat alive the pain I suffer,
Belief is fading fast like my world
Now this stronger poison takes my pain away
Never breaking
I’ll never break nor will I bend
I’ll hunt it till the very end
Deep inside they cannot see
The stronger poison killed the stronger man in me
Pushing on by fuel that burns my fire
It’s my calling in life
This hard and steady rain burns my veins
That’s my falling in life
In facing my demon I’m breaking the code
See through the pestilence I’ll be killing me
Burden in facing the weight off my back
Burden to drag me down
This ball and chain, living pain
When the truth you hide meets the devil inside
And the face you recognize is gone
In the healing I question dire disbelief
I play a foolish past, watching the world go
Twisted and bending and unrelenting fear
Now as this strength becomes poison for me

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