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I’m taking a stand all over again,
Christians to the lion’s den,
forgive me if I make you a little nervous
Now I’ve been trained to protect the peace
and save you from the words you speak,
of life and liberty forever
And all you want, is a taste of freedom
And all I need is a place to pump some lead
Make you all an offer you can’t refuse
I promise a black & blue abuse of power
Get outta my way I’m the CIA,
and I’m gonna take your life away
It seems like I came out from nowhere
Your mind a chill goes rushing through
Big man diffuse the stand off
Big man has you to walk on
Stand back, now I’m on my way, 911
You can make my day, oh Lord say your prayers
My only regret is I wasn’t there when the
traitors wrote through ink and pen
A document of truth say “We the people”
So how dare you think once,
how dare you think twice,
where sovereignty is exercised
I’ll drape red white and blue over your dead body
God save our lady, God save our petty land

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