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Changing of the Guard - lyrics

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The changing of the guard
In truth that we aspire this truth inside my heart
Set aflame of higher calling, set plane in stone,
and justify my cause of dying day,
my darkest year, will pass away
Had enough of that tired sound
Had enough of you around, had enough
You waste money your time has got to go
The life I lead I can’t tear myself away
Time to lead, and right from the start
Metal is coming around again to pass you by
Up from the wasteland arise from the dead
As for me I won’t agree with anybody else
Hell no we won’t go,
Falling imbecile the weakest prey
is an easy kill, elimination one by one,
eradicate and dominate
liar find your world has come apart
The changing of the guard,
in one enlightened breath I take,
will be your last mistake
You’re gone !
You’re gone !

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