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Close Friends, Closer Enemies - lyrics

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With every passing day I watch
Chaotic times as they breed
Manufactured highs, poetic lies
And I know these ears don’t deceive
Entangled in webs of a gluttonous tongue
The stench of all it drawing flies
It’s wearing thin, this chronic sin
These bleeding hearts ween genocide
Watching, waiting
Sift through the signs
Staring blank into the sun and never question why
When there’s “A little pain for you,
a little more for me”
Now you know why I keep
close friends, closer enemies
Blackened angels spread their wings
Dictating with power and rape
Indescrition’s soul burning like a coal
Invoking my palette for hate
“Put them on leads and beat them all down”
But the piper will get paid
This terror race of mass disgrace
Will eat itself right into the grave

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