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Put yourself in my hands to be one of the brave
Mesmerizing energy is making you my slave
Lose your inhibitions and join me in my lust
You will not question the wrong and right
The loss of your soul, the evil that I trust
Burn my tongue, sear my skin
Call to me
Feed my blood, taste my sin
When I'm in need
Burn my tongue, sear my skin
Whipped, tied, won't be denied
The thrill of the kill. The answer to your lies
Against you better judgement. A fire that is your will
An inner satisfaction, a fire you can't kill
Slick and warm around me, disappearing into flesh
Come to the evil I want you to feel
A bastard of lies, my lifeline I love best
Have you lost control, lost the feeling in your soul anxiety
And frustration sees you losing all control
Lay here beside me and let me guide you with my hand
Slide into heaven and feel me explode
The power of lies, the evil that is man

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Scorched Earth