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Livin' this life has been a struggle all the way
When I think I'm doin' fine I get rained on my parade
Had a pretty girl, a dog and a pick up truck
Rex got hit, the truck broke down and she don't give a fuck
I'm full of spite and I'm feelin' like
I've been rode hard and put up wet
Too much talkin', not enough walkin'
Brother can ya hear me yet?
I'm all in a flutter and I sleep in the gutter
And I'm falin' without a net
How much worse do ya think it'll get?
I can't say what'll happen day to day
Sometimes I sink sometimes I float
And I don't know why I get kicked when I try
I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't
My pa always said I wouldn't amount to much
"When the pressures' on son you always choke in the clutch"
My ma always said I was more than a little slow
"Ya get kicked in the ass, mowed down like grass and you're to damn dumb to know"

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Scorched Earth