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Dead Man Alive - lyrics

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Come down when your life is low
Come down and play the bloody whore
Your life handing you a deadly blow ?
A loss of lust and a loss of lure
Sweet sound of confidence
Sweet sound of life
Lady comes to me
and lady goes into the dawn
Lady won’t you save me from my fall
Right by my side I’ll be a dead man alive
When you feel your back is against the wall
When you feel you’ve taken too much at once
Same feeling that you’ve had before
Look to her life for the cure
She’s pure excitement
She’s always pure at heart
Bait her trust to all of us,
we all can be taken for a fool if we give in
Show no emotion,
show and concede attractive lure, bait and deceive
One dirty lie, indeed, her power is pristine
Stay low or you may know,
dead man alone, dead man alive

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