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Killing Speed - lyrics

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Dictate, dominate all that cross my path
Saturation of my endless wrath
Permeate dissention, I do what I do best
Man-made hate machine is all of me that's left
Blind leading blind, a number in line
I can't help but spit at thee
Tread on my ground I'll mow you down
Incarnate with killing speed
Perpetual in motion spineless prey sharpens my claws
Dissident aggression fuels my cause
Brutalizing with contempt their duplicated trends
Corrosion brings this means to an end
See the new messiah as he leads his flock astray
Dysfuction is the smack that burns their veins
Collective negativity, you're blaming all but one
Deconstruction live your life for what
Cancerous delusions saturate your feeble mind
Packaging rebellion is an act that I despise
Fuck'em all and to fuck with you if you choose not to see
Hit the grounds and I'll mow you down
I kill with killing speed

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