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Scorched Earth - lyrics


Scorched earth lays waste all around
Burn down all I held

What you see. What you do
What I know I know is true
What's to feel, what's to be
What I see I can't believe
Scorched earth

Where's the end of this twisted dream
Where's the right in the wrong I see

Blind strike between the eyes
Burn the black and setting sun
Fortress of solitude to thy pagan womb
A last breath, stained boiling red, blessed the dead

Surrounded there's nothing to do
I will only see it through
Stare into my bloodshot eyes
As I prepare to kiss my ass goodbye

The end is done, the end is near
We permeate the smell of fear
My body lies it's spilling brains
I look upon my charred remains

We will not be honored
Scorched earth

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Scorched Earth

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