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Seeing Is Believing - lyrics

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Nothing is sacred, life is their game
We are the pawns in which they choose to play
Go kill your children, go kill your wife
Spilling of blood so the story has life
Bastardize visions, there's a ride to incite
Go rape and pillage so we can watch it tonight
Reeling and seething from misery's pain
Cost of the price never outweighs the gain
All that you hear, all that you see
Distorted truths make it hard to believe
All that you know is not what it seems
Feeding your mind is what feeds this machine
Live for tomorrow, they die for today
Your self-rebirth is just seconds away
Shoot up a needle then shoot out a life
They'll shoot your mind like a surgical strike
Images burning in your mind like fire
Weakness of mind is what they so desire
Just one more angle, it's never enough
Ashes to ashes, they feed on your dust

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