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Tomb of the Slain - lyrics

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This will be my end, country to defend
Suicide, I answer to the call
On a thousand years, millennium draws near
Totalliation's got me by the balls
Into damnation
I look into the haze, bodies lie in pain
Foundation of humanity, through dying eyes I bear to see
The shortness of my breath, the evening of my death
Betrayal of the world that I relieved
Into damnation
Peace is a lifetime away, shadows moving over the earth
Dawn of an anarchist state, the realm of the dying
The tomb of the slain
Death of a martyr, death of a life unknown
Turning me into a war machine,
Awash with the blood that I spill
For country, for life, for neighbor I kill
A zombie of conscience, a shell of freewill
Mounting his army, charging ahead to attack
Emassing at twilight. My armies waiting for the call
A valley below me, anticipating, for the heavens to fall
Return of a holocaust, dawn of a dying new day
At war with civilization, lay rest in the tomb of the slain
Centuries of horror, a generation in pain
When I kill the children below me
I insure the death of my soul

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