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Welcome to the New Underground - lyrics

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When time is the game, are you master or slave
Leading, or follow a lie ?
You say the word, I’ll save the one,
I’ll save the war that must be won,
inside of me, thy will be done
And lead us to war
Welcome to the new underground,
lead us our calling, reaction aloud,
creation, this new underground
Defacing the facts when the law has come back
A maniacal sign of the times
Kick out the lame inane, we know,
the truth is there in all that we know
what to believe, I’ll take it all on
when we stand alone
Led of and left alone, pray for the system
Take it back
The past is lost, you’ve dropped the ball
Answer the call
The past is lost, you’ve dropped the ball
And all is ours
Dear God is anybody there
Patience and toleration we can’t afford
The apathetic, like a virus, gripping us all
And no indifference, no more frustration,
we stand alone, father alive
Call alone, lost in a maelstrom
Don’t think you have to give in,
win or lose, thick or thin,
God give me peace of mind,
and lead us to war

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