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[music: eilen]
[lyrics: eilen]
[arranged by WARHEAD]
a tear drops down from your face
the wrong thing at the right place
your eyes a touch of nothing
your captured
the bloody truth is, you're stoned again
feel the needle in your veins
buy the stuff and be dead
a little higher you get
eat pills instead eating bread
emotions you share with pain
you're insane
as long as you are satisfied
you're standing on the good side
a hell's what you're living in
close the door behind your eyes
await the big surprise
the fire is burning cold
your life's sold
the stab hurts you, never care
a dead body, a living nightmare
it gets you before you can get it
the beginning of the end
the opinion you had to defend
the walk into the fire
your desire
never stop, go on and on
nothing's right but you are wrong
you have gone one step too far!

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