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Beauty And The Rolanda - lyrics

Could it be?
I've found another!
I must have him!

Make you mine
Tonight, I'm gonna make you mine
You're sexy
You're so tall
Call me maybe, baby call
So sexy

You gonna want me like you fell in love,
that's right
I hope my stench does not bring tears to
your eyes
Just take my hand, and I'll be one happy girl
I must have ya!
I must have ya!

You-uuuuuuuuu complete me
Why can't you just see
I need you to need me
One plus one makes two
I'm the only here for you
I hope you want me too

I won't stop
Boy, I promise you I won't stop
You're so hot
You like my brow?
If not then, I'll go pluck it out
Just for you

I'm irresistible but don't be scared alright?
I want your body and a lock of your hair, that's right!
I gonna get you baby keep one eye open tonight
I must have ya!
I must have ya!

Hey girl
My pearl
Didn't you know you're my whole world
You fine
Give me a chance and you'll find
Rolanda and Richard
That sounds so much better
You are pretty
But I really wish you wouldn't call me creeper

Baby YOU and ME
baby this can't be
You love them, why not me?
Rolanda you will always mean
So much more to me
But I can admit when defeat

(At the end of song)
I'm Rolanda and I'm hot
Everybody is not
I'm Rolanda and I'm hot
I'm hot

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