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Take a step back ladies
He is mine, he loves me, only me, you can't have him
He might've looked grossed out
When he threw up, ran away
But I promise you, he loves me
Hard-to-get what he plays
I'm sexy! Cutie! Hottie!
I really love him
He loves me probably
And oh! His heart will be mine
Nobody can stop me
I'm the best
Nobody can top me
This is love
Not stalking
I need you
You're my darling
For so long, I have wanted this
Just sit back watch me reminisce
Look at me!
I loved you with everything I had
But you didn't want any of it
I felt so sad
Eww gross!
Chasing you since I was preteen
'Cause I knew you were destiny
To be with me
And you like like like that baby
Never gotta fear
I'm right here
I ain't leavin'
No matter where you go
That's were I'll be stalkin'
Yeah she wants me!
Everyone knows that
I'll make her see
My love will show that
She is chasing the wrong guy
How can she not see it
How can she not see it
Whoa! You look different
Thank you!
How'd you get beautiful?
Ever since, I remember you were ugly
But now you're here
And I'm feeling kind of funny
I don't understand it
These feelings I'm feeling
It just not like me
I need to take a seat
Head's spinning on repeat
With my racing heartbeat
I love you!
Now who said that?
We can buy a house
A kit cat and a dog
Forever we will be together
Every day, I will write you a song
Our future could be so bright
If you want it too
Now, it's time to seal it with a kiss
Put your hands down
What are you doing?
You came here for stalkin'
Now you're trying to stop me
I thought you wanted Wassabi
If I call, will you block me?
I've made mistakes
Never went on a date
But now I'm here babe, you got me!

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Parody II.

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