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Lips and Limbs - lyrics

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Could you be extraordinary?
Stems and seeds, bucket seats
This house is full of slurred speech
You're tormented, I watch you bleed
And with this drink I'll take you back home
We are shimmering bright
Stagger through uncharted parks
The stars could be tawdry streetlights
And we don't have too much to say
I can't feel a thing
Is this just a wrinkle
On a page that ends dismally?
I choose a path and run so fast
You are bored of following me
And with this drink I'll swallow the intangible
I can't illustrate
Control my limbs and lips
Cause you're too crowded to commiserate
And we're mechanical in your double bed
Remorse hung overhead to approach me
Could you be extraordinary?
We're alone in this gaudy mess
In the house of slurred speech
Sharing gravity to suppress
And in your ear I will whisper weakly
Things that I do not mean
You are deaf and dumb and I am numb
And we're illuminating
I never had too much to say
I can't feel a thing

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