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Side Effects (ft. Eliška Bröcklová) - lyrics

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Open the gates, unleash the hell because its over
My mind is finally free and I'm sober
I don't want to know your fate
I don't want to see your face again
My feelings are mess, but I'm taking the right way
Here we go!!!
Past is behind me I'm looking to the other page
You can't capture me I see the flames on my wooden cage
Answers are underground
Only there I can really grow up!
Only there I can really grow up with my own family!
I'll be the winner of this story
Even that I've been always defeated
So put your hands up and come with me
This is a new start in my life
You show me those tears in your eyes
But my feelings are diffrent now
It's gettin' better sound
Day by day we're getting older
So fuck the people who dont like you
Don't be affraid to say no, haha
This is the way for your enemies, not for you!
You should keep your prayers
Cause we're geting closer, step by step
Don't let them stop you
And follow your dreams
Even throught the hell!
There will always be the moment of the truth
When you feel lost and dissapointed
Keep your head straight to brighter tomorrow!
I promise I'm with everyone of you
So don't be lost and dissapointed
And keep your head straight to brighter tomorrow!

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