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Under The Sun - lyrics

A message to you is the last thing I do
before I put out the light
You let go completely and find myself deeply in love,
oh what a sight
I laid my eyes on endless horizons and fear fell apart
I was allowed to take down the shroud
that had surrounded my heart
I was under the sun, under the sun
Next thing I knew all this time came and flew
right on through my open arms
I lost my way, oh and day after day
leaning back on shallow charms
Rushing back home like some lovesick dove
crushing on a childhood girlfriend
Gambling bafoon at the back of the room made for chance
to begin
I was under the sun,
under the sun, under the sun
You can´t control it,
no way to hold it,
life just keeps going on
Where and whenever and now and forever,
were here and then were gone
I was under the sun,
under the sun, under the sun
Last thing I do is send a message to you
if I have the time

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