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Peiper's Last Stand - lyrics


I have pledged my oath, I have no regrets
If I was given the choice I'd do it all again
A man lives only once, by the standards he sets
His actions through courage and strength
Will set his legacy in stone
Your day of ascension to the Golden halls
Was coming ever so near
You were a survivor of campaigns
No matter the odds, you'd never show fear
No power, no force, no trials or tribunals
Could ever change your mind
Branded guilty as a war criminal
When loyalty was your only crime - Peiper's Last Stand
Now your home is your frontline
Peace has come to its end - Peiper's Last Stand
The beast never sleeps, you'll have to fight again - Peiper's Last Stand
You'd die with honor, shotgun shells in hand - Peiper's Last Stand
You've lived, you'll die, die a Fighting Man
That day had finally come
You had sent your family away
Your war had not come to an end
You had to face the blazing flames
After the smoke cleared, around your body
Lay every sheel spent from your gun
Your war was finally over
The halls of heroes welcomed its son

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