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Clap your hands - lyrics

So clap your hands,
Fell the beat as you start to dance
Hear the rhythm as you take your stance
Feel the love and romance
And stump your feet,
Everybody just bounce to the beats
Taste that rhythm they hold so sweet
Feel the love as we dance
So clap your hands,
Steal the moment as you shake, young prince
Fell the love in as you twist and dance
Make the most of this chance
And stump your feet,
Feel the thump of the ground underneath
Still not hard of the sound and the beat
Feel the love and romance
Feeling, feeling dreamy
As I float along your waist
And I'm smelling at these dreams, I can
Yeah, I'm feeling, these dreams
Feel these dreams again
Taking hold of myself in your control
Lose all feels, lose yourself
To the moment, to no one else
Trust me now, let it out
Free your soul, you know how
In the dark or in the light
We merge our hearts, day or night

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