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Opening of the Box - lyrics

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And again on it like that
Old pickup trucks brand new cars
Lined up in the woods
Some with money most them boy
All you [?] were all they looking for
They all go inside this little mountain church
Til they sweat in the room
The little band was playing somewhere wild music
Preacher shouting out his message of doom
Frozen in time they smell the strict line
All how just one touch
Opening a box
They filled the evening opening out of the box
Uh huh
A woman stood up dancing down the aisle
The spirit had taken control
She was looking to the East looking to the West
And she looked down on the floor
Six foot diamondback was coiled at her feet
She found what she was looking for
I’m still looking for
A little one freely
They got what they came for
Opening of the box
Opening of the box

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