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The Death Of My Desire - lyrics

Here my child
Rest your head on me
Cos I'm the safest man you'll ever meet
I'll tell you a story
I won't expect you to believe
About a boy who lost his reason to deceive
It's the death of my desire
While I grew up I hid behind a smile
I was never allowed to be an average child
And now the years have forced
Me to be a man. I find I can't go
Along with this meaningless sham
It's the death of my desire
I want to find a new way
But I can't make it on my own
I want a partner in crime
So I don't feel so alone
So come to bed
I won't disturb your sleep
Cos I've a secret I'm determined not to keep
I see you understand my point of view
You're safe because there's nothing I
Need from you
It's the death of my desire

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