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Hold Us Together - lyrics

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Please don't go
You know I can't do this on my own
Oh how I've learned so much from our time
If you stay
I swear that we will make it okay
And if you go
Just know
That I've tried
Give me the song inside your soul
Give me the words to sing along
Show me the love that we used to know
Show me the love
We got a long long way to go
If we never try we'll never know
And I
Will hold us together
Till I
Can't hold on no more
Hey old friend
It's funny seeing you here again
Oh how I've learned so much from our time
And all I see
Are all the things you've given to me
I will not falter
I will not break
I'll hold my ground
under the weight
I will not waver
I will not shake
I'm searching for
the steps to take

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