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Living in the city's gotcha going insane
Barely getting by,
Working like a slave
We're coming over
Gonna break those chains
We'll bring ya back to life
Rock you like a hurricane
Getting hotter by the hour
Lit up like a flame
Your motors revved up
Like a shot to your brain
Going all night
gone by dawn
You know u can't stop
You can't stop the rock..
We're coming over
Like a rock n roll train
Get your axe out
Wipe the dust away
Ya don't need to think
Turn it up and play
If you wanna rock
You gotta prove it to me
To get to the top
Put the pedal to the floor
Your burning up inside
gotta give ya some more
You'll be going all night
We'll be gone by dawn
you know u can't stop
You can't stop the rock.
Turn it up, c'mon
You can't stop the rock

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Wildstreet – II …Faster …Louder!

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