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You Better Check Yourself - lyrics

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We have people in the world today
Who never give themselves a thoughts
Always talking 'bout other people
Just strive to find their fault
Before you criticize someone else
You really, really, really
Really, really ought to
Check yourself, hey, hey, yeah
Oh people, people in the church
You'd find hatred there
Everybody's talking 'bout one another
When they all ought be kneeling in prayer
You'll see, God made no man perfect
Oh, this weak and painless see
Why can't we come together as one?
A little bit of harmony
Before you criticize someone else
You, you, you
You really ought to
Check yourself, oh, hey, hey
You know what, I think every man and woman
Boy and girl ought to take a little time out
And look back over your life
Ain't no harm to ask God to forgive you, oh
You'll see the wrong
I'm not trying to talk about nobody, huh, no, no
I'm just telling everybody under the sun
My boss, take a little time and check yourself
Listen children, I'm talking to the preacher and a prophet
Why don't you check yourself
And if they tell me, people what God told you to tell them
Yeah, I'm talking to the mother, brother
Why don't you check yourself
When you're shouting, you know what you're shouting 'bout
I'm talking to the deacon, deacon sing
You ought to check yourself
When your seeing me and do you know just seeing
And one more thing
Talking to the choir, the choir stand, oh
Check yourself when you're singing
Do you know what you're singing about
And everybody there
Check, uh huh
On a Monday, check, check
On a Tuesday, check, check, check
Wednesday, check, check, check, check
Check it by the Saturday, Sunday
Check yourself
Oh, you ought to check yourself
Ain't no harm today, no, no, check yourself
You can take a little time and look back on this side
Check yourself
That little subdued question
Check yourself

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