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Comin Right Up - lyrics

May I take your order ?
Bourbon rock,splash of water
comin right up,comin right up
As that ? Don´t be nervous,Bruno´s here baby
I´m at your service,
tending your cup sit down
belly up.
Ask for anythink and say YUP
comin right up,comin right up.
Need a mach ?
On the double sulphur
preparation that´s no trouble
got that comin right up.
What´s that ? Am I free later ?
Let me put it this way
does a comet leave a crater ?
I´ll check my book
my my what luck
a bottle of your best
We toasted everythink
that´s worth imaning
she told me stories
thatwould melt a stone
Imanaged to just keep a
hold of myself
She blew a little kiiss
so shy and sensous
then disappeared into the
night alone.
She left a map on a ten dollar bill.
Undermeath her glass in a vodka spill
Oh.Midnigth I pushed the buzzer
guesssed right cause it was her ninety
nine floor.
I nine I take a look in high hells some dinner cookin.
Yes thank you make mine a Manhanttan bone dry.
Don´t forget that little cherry on top !!!
comin right comin right up,comin right up.

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