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Time of the Haunted - lyrics

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I'm awake into world of the afterlife
all the secrets of fate and human destiny
I'm invited beyond in the land of sigh
one of spirits in veil of endless entity.
Inner wish of my dusk, you will come to taste
mystic chemical void I swim inside
rage is covered with lust and my bleed of rage
for the dreams and hopes for me denied
SIGH NO MORE - fear belongs to past
NO CONTROL - I'm watching over you
BORN AGAIN – in world so morbid
SEEDS OF PAIN – time of the haunted
Proper time for revenge and the time is now
can’t you ever escape, can’t you run from fate
in my hands I can slay your sicken overrun
you will suffer the principles of pain.
“Haunted I am, an evil spirit, inside your mind”

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Time of the Haunted

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