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Always in Silence - lyrics


Hey! I feel your dreams and I can make you fly
Into the sky where there's no noises something to survive
Now don't look behind to blunders of the past
Why (a new day) has to return full of sunlight invade

All this hearts
Darkness of pain all this hearts reached from the
Light and again the wind blows to the vain
To make tears go out

Always in silence you can find through your self
What is wrong and what can be saved
Always in silence try to leave all the time, time passed by

Keeper of your mind, will shout to appeal your name
For rouse you again ooh! Like an angel slowly and everyday
You follow my words and imagination goes
Through the blue sky across the ocean destroy the agony

Save your soul - darkness of pain
Save your soul - reached from the light
And again the wind
Blows to the vain to make tears go out...

Always in silence
You can find through your self what is
Wrong and what can be saved
Always in silence ohh! Live of the time

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