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Ghosts Of Time - lyrics

Past almost forgotten
In a life I did not choose
Torn away
I was removed
One final token
The token of regret
Then swept into deserts
I did not want to forget
Corners of our eyes
They evade and obscure
Lurking in shadows
There is no cure
Devouring the ages
Spirits of decay
All has turned to ashes
All, as dust, now blown away
As we lay dying
They sweep in to claim their prize
Grabbing hold of the remnant years
Await the closing of eyes
Daylight fading in children's eyes
Twilight closing in
To drag you away, drag you under
How could I let it end this way
"Returning to a windswept plain
Splinters of familiarity
Embedded in time's patine
Why can't I remember"

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