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Her sisters they were weak - lyrics

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here once was a king
Who lived a palace uphill
He had three wonderful daughters
They had no free will
The king sold his soul
To the devil yes indeed
In return he was promised
Wealth and life eternally
The devil came riding one day
Upon his blackened horse
The princesses was his aim
They were destined to run his course
One of the girls were tall
More beautiful than blue skies
Her hair was colored bright
And she had white marble eyes
She will die
Sung backwards:
(Her sisters they were weak
They fell for the devil's charms
Mesmerizing eyes
They went right into his arms
Afraid to look around
The bright girl ran away
One last glance
And she saw her sisters pray.)
The king he sat alone
And listened to the sound
He rest upon his throne
While the palace sank underground

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