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Hollowed OUT, empty, we've watched months erase the
memories of years,
It's not tradition, not meaningless ideals,
it's a fire, FIRE, that draws us near.
So come close, let your eyes meet mine,
Try hard to deny this burning inside,
Grab hold to status quo to justify,
Keep telling yourself there's nothing more to life.
But there's so much more than killing,
than preying on insecurity,
then getting what you want no matter who's at cost...
WAKE UP realize your virtue is dead.
YOUR LIFE conviction for vanity.
But we'll take this stage,
never forgetting the days when heart meant everything.
We will take the stage, holding onto the days,
when heart meant everything!
This time is soon to end,
and all your clothes and cliques will go with it,
when the dust clears we'll see that love still stands.
The love that has no shame, no fronts, no fruitless
the love that lays life down for a friend.

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