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Vengeance in Departure - lyrics

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Let my words ring out in a period of unholy worship
I am the voice of millions
Confined in solitude
Cast me down, down you shall
For I will not sow away
No matter the cost
Offerings of silence
Burn my books in the town square
Washed over these children’s minds
Within lies force fed since birth
Will their dying days harness the truth about me
I seep through cracks and pores regardless of limitation
Once embedded I shall never depart nor will I step down
To this mercy of the darkened church you now burn me
In the same spot in which one point my books lay smouldering
Rise the smoke of my torture
In my death do I bestow my return
Opening these eyes
I see not the world as I once knew it
I am granted a second coming through an innocent frame
I shall burn the homes of those
Who have abandoned me because of my beliefs
Now their families shall suffer as I have
Men, women and children for those who have betrayed me
They will feel only as I will never forget

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