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Dinner For Two - lyrics

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[Verse 1]
You see you’re just a waste of time hidden behind a pretty face
And if I was making you mine how much of my heart are you gonna break
I’m stumbling in in and out of all this love to find my way
I’m sick of you breaking me down now all I’ve found is empty space
And I’m searchin', I’m hurtin', I’m workin'
I’m tryna prove to y’all that I’m worth it
I’m here to show you music can be so much deeper then surface
I’m nervous the verses I’m spittin' for y’all never sound perfect
I’m learnin' that workin' a nine to five was never my purpose, I’m certain
How can you tell me that I stand above the rest
That would mean that I’d be standing on the guy you choose next
See I would wait, now it’s too late, you walked away from the best
It’s up to you to wear the weight of that regret like a vest
And It’s hard, I’m stuck here trying to follow up my kindest regards
I’ve been staring at this fuckin' blank page for 24 hours
I’m going crazy, or maybe that’s what they made me, or maybe I’m sick of fake
See I was dumb to think that one girl could save, me
I should be saving myself
I can barely afford my rent that got me questioning wealth
My sister’s really really sick that got me questioning health
I wanna save the world, but couldn’t save her from herself, damn
Now she’s laid up in the ICU
That made me realize all the fake shit that I see through That made me realize all the power in an I love you We would pray everyday hoping that you came to
We’ve come through, the trenches
I’m set on spreading a message
I’m staring up at the sky and I’m praying for my ascension
I’m counting all of my blessings, you’re counting all of your mentions
See focus on what you love not this drug we’re calling attention, that’s real
So who’s fuckin' with me
So tell me what I am right now, Now tell me what I’ve got to loose
You try your best at breaking me down
Well you ain’t never been in my shoes, shoes, shoes
I’m tired of being used, used, used
So take me as I am, I don’t what to loose
Cuz you know that if I’m eating
Y’all are eating too, this is dinner for two
[Verse 2]
See I’ve been stuck searchin' for motivation, probably in all the wrong places
Like girls, girls, girls, and girls, you see I’m searchin' in basic
I want someone to build with me, not just someone to take it
I want someone to feel with me, not just someone to fake it
I’m over this fake shit, still worried sick if I’ll make it
Now everybody has a dream, see I’m just willing to chase it
Let’s take a look around your cubicle, see talent that’s wasted
This is your life, it’s your life, so don’t just copy and paste it
Now open your mind but not your legs, give them the mind but not the head
This is your story you decide how it’s gonna finally be read, And these are lyrics that I think about late night in my bed
If I never pursue my passion then I’m already dead
So when they try to break us down, that’s when we stand up
We were the kids who weren’t supposed to win so they can’t stand us
I’m standing on the stage, lights glaring, people staring with their hands up
They told me I could never be the man, and now I am, what?
So who’s fuckin' with me

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