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[Verse: Witt Lowry]
I put my heart in everything I do
Clearly that's not enough
Take my whole soul and pour it out
Now you can sew me shut, fuck
This life just isn't as advertised
Look at my eyes, I fantasize about a day with bluer skies
And truthfully, trying to express myself is new to me
I knew I'd be hated on but why be so cruel to me?
But fuck it and fuck you, you ain't worth shit
All those shots you took missed and I can promise you this
And now I laugh at the hate and put my best foot forward
But even with the crowd around me I still feel like a loner
Yet I would rather be alone than have to deal with the fakes
We all came in this world alone and we all leave the same way
Wait...Where am I going with this?
Mind is so jumbled and as I stumble I just smile cause I always stay humble
Now look at me, I mean, wait, just look right through me
My life's a movie, funny how people think they knew me, how could they?
I'm still trying to figure out who I am
If life's a beach, then I'll just sit here, write my lines in the sand and understand
Change once used to make me nervous but they say change is for the better
Now I'm thinking it's worth it, yeah
The prelude dropped, I was absorbing the buzz
But now I see that as a small baby step cause it was
And life does take you for rides, so just take it in strides
But over everything, the money and the power, it's pride, wow
I can't believe where my life's at now
And things are moving so fast, now do they ever slow down?
Where am I now?
Thinking back I'm in my friend's basement
And that we have so far to go, success, I can taste it
To all my family and friends, you were all amazing
And as long as you have my back, I know that I can make it, yeah
And those who stayed by my side since day one
Just know that everything I win is like we all have won
And I know I'm not the perfect person and I don't try to be
And I know sometimes I act stubborn, please bear with me
I swear I have the best intentions and a heart of gold and offer you a story that is unwritten and untold
I learned that most people leave but to the ones that stay:
Thank you for everything, one day we'll have it made, yeah
One day we'll have it made, yeah
One day we'll have it made, I promise

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