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Verse 1 [Witty]
See I’m a lot to digest and digress but demand your attention
Hey Mr. Teacher thanks a lot – I learned a lot from your lessons
Like buy overpriced books, plan my life around testing, and all my friends graduated
It’s job they’re stressing. See your degree is just a predetermined destiny
But what if my degree invests less than my life would invest in me?
I’m screaming Team Witty till the death of me
Y’all can have the rest of me; the fate of humanity may just rest in me
Don’t worry, I do real rap too. Like pussy money weed girl, go and do what you do
I got a bitch in the back - give me dome in the coup
Honestly how does that not sound stupid to you?
You see they’re seeing dollar signs – I see young minds than need help
I probably would crash and burn if this was all for myself
You probably would crash and burn with the hand I was dealt
But see I chose a legacy over material wealth and that’s real
I need to be alone sometimes. I had to let you go from my mind
I think it’s time you leave
I think it’s time you leave
I don’t think you’re worth it, nah
You were never worth it, nah
I think it’s time you leave
I think it’s time you leave
Verse 2 [Witty]
Ah here we go again. (You sound like Em - I sound like who?)
Cuz honestly to me really I just sound like the truth
And if Ima mix the (image right) then I’m the best in the booth
Nah fuck that, I strive for (un-com-par-able)
You see just like Medusa’s hair my peers turn into snakes
You were real cool in high school – in the real world, you’re fake
And in real life “I’m prom queen” doesn’t translate
In the real world “you meatheads” don’t really hold weight
I know, I know a 9 to 5 would probably be safer
But I could never waste my life work at a desk push paper irrelevant
You try to disrespect me. It’s up to me to make sure you regret every day that you ever left me
These fake friends are sly, shady, and actors. Laughter at the fact that I dreamt of being a rapper
But see you are lame and lazy, I am not you did not factor
I'm busy chasing my dreams, reflecting on it after, that’s real
Verse 3 [Trippz Michaud]
In this world nobody’s words mean shit
But the greatest (waves move) and nobody’s eye sees it
And people’s true colors show - I see it in black and white
I keep my mind open and my circle tight
People rather make excuses than ever to listen
They just wait for their turn to talk and defend their position
If y’all don’t get the situation don’t give your opinion
You can’t buy my respect unless you’re paying attention
Some people you call friends are enemies in denial
They say they want the best for you but hate to see you smile
Who are you to judge when you’re the one that steal my style?
Don’t be talking like a grownup – you acting like a child bitch
Don’t start something you can’t finish. I see you lying (tiger) and I don’t bear with it
Yeah, the (bareness) runs in my blood. People setting the chains but never knew who I was, wassup?

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